A Collective Subconscious (ACS) is an instrumental rock band from Portland, Oregon that formed in 2012. Over the next year the band worked extensively on material for live shows and what would become their debut album, titled "Entheogens." After 4 years of playing local and regional shows, ACS would release their highly anticipated second EP titled "Sanskara", in 2017.

Having been compared to musical acts such as Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Jakob, Tool, and Deftones, A Collective Subconscious bring their own unique style of vast, atmospheric, heavy, and melodic instrumental rock. On stage, ACS delivers an intriguing array of sound and visuals that are complimented with themes of social commentary, nature, industrialism, and the abstract.



ACS album covers.jpg


by A Collective Subconscious

Released 2017

Full album available:

Cd’s , iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify

Entheogens album cover .jpg


by A Collective Subconscious

Released 2013

Full album available:

Cd's, iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify


Oct 25th @ Highwater mark - Portland, Or


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